The millions of votes for Sanders, the enthusiasm he has generated, the fervor of youth support for an alternative to the status quo that he tapped into — all of this has shown the thirst for an alternative to the political status quo, and also exposed just how weak a candidate Hillary Clinton really is.

That’s why the calls for Sanders to drop out are so frantic. “[I]s Senator Sanders going to stop attacks that hurt Democrats that we need up and down the ticket?”Clinton strategist Joel Benenson fumed in an interview on CNN’s New Day. “Is he going to try to support the party that is in favor of protecting voting rights, women’s rights, or turn himself into someone who will do what he said he wasn’t going to do, and be a Ralph Nader and try to destroy the party when it comes to defeating Republicans in November?”

What exactly is Sanders doing to “destroy the party”? Apparently any disagreement with Clinton — any criticism, for example, of her ties to Wall Street, including the lavish speaking fees she received from super-bank Goldman Sachs — is nothing more than helping the Republicans.

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