As the April 27 Baton Rouge Advocate reported:The House Education Committee voted 11-2 to advance legislation that would transfer control of 52 public schools — all charters — run by the state Recovery School District for the past decade to the Orleans Parish School Board by 2018, 2019 at the latest.Even with the move, charter schools would retain much of their autonomy.That last qualification is a big one, because it appears that charter schools will be able to legally flout many directives from the parish’s school board, according to the Advocate:Parents and critics voiced concerns that charter school operators are being given too much control in the arrangement set up in the Senate legislation [which has already passed in the state].Charter schools, often owned by companies and nonprofits but paid for with state money, operate autonomously on the theory that gives them more flexibility in setting curriculum and teaching techniques. Cynics will argue that many charter schools want to operate as independently as possible to also maintain financial control that can benefit many private individuals and companies, not infrequently at the expense of students.


It will be at least a couple of more years before most of New Orleans Parish schools are likely returned to the community school board, but – as of this moment – they will still be charter schools inflicted by the elites. (Image:Orleans Parish School Board)

Source: The Scam of Charter Schools Starts to Show Cracks in New Orleans