In an interview Friday with CNN, Mrs. Clinton also said she wouldn’t back down from her focus on women’s issues, and professed little concern about Mr. Trump’s assertion that she wouldn’t win 5% of the vote if she weren’t a woman.

“You throw yourself into these campaigns body and soul. You work 24/7. Your family, your supporters, everybody is so invested in trying to win,” she said. But she said that in 2008, she was closer to Mr. Obama than Mr. Sanders is to her in both total votes and delegates. “There comes a time when you have to look at the reality,” she said.

Editor’s Notes: [#1 – the photo-op where she’s surrounded by all black, young males is cheesy beyond belief.  #2 – She remains herself – totally deluded!  She thinks Mr. Sanders and his supporters are “so invested in trying to win”, completely ignoring that Sanders and his supporters are actually educated, moral, and concerned about the issues.  #3  In a side-by-side comparison between Clinton and Trump, there are solid reasons to consider voting for Trump on policy grounds]

Source: Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Wouldn’t Win Over Bernie Sanders Backers – WSJ