Among humans are those who create problems, those who perpetuate problems once created, those who ignore problems or are oblivious to them, those who misunderstand the causes of problems, and those who seek rectification.  The latter of these is the socially-conscious, responsible, intelligent, ethical human.

We live in a time of large population, in which mistakes or corruption in public policy or public opinion have negative effects on large numbers of people.  In open, democratic society, the most powerful force in determining public policy is the human collective itself.  While the effects of public policy are always felt by the citizenry, not by those who form or enact harmful policies.

American citizens are perpetuating a long list of catastrophes by two significant failures:

  1. failing to engage morally and intelligently in the political process
  2. continuing to live and act daily in promoting and feeding the very systems and policies that are creating our disasters

Though Americans have the power to change policies, habits, and institutions for the better, we have been failing to do so.  The primary causes of this are the systemic failures of our education systems, and media blackout in matters that the public should understand and engage.  The only opinions and policies enacted through the political process are those of the bad policy-makers who have been contributing to our decline and destruction.

Throughout history, when such situations occurred, it was the duty of the citizenry to inform, educate, and motivate one another to create social revolution, in order to replace bad policy and policy-makers with a better sort.

And so, the tag-line for this site:

Learn by Sharing

Grow by Investing

Progress by Acting