Mustafa Howard

We have 2 entirely different economies :

  1. Wall Street is the parasitic economy that grows fatter and dictates the governance
  2. The real economy of the people, which grows leaner and appears bulimic.  Constant starvation induces binges based on debt, followed by the purge of financial and economic shrinkage.

Similarly, we have 2 disparate legal systems

  1. The street-level system where the bulimic workers are held under the boots and guns of “law”
  2. The elite-level system, where law and policy are tools to facilitate major crimes, including massive looting and even mass-murder.

Large swaths of the working-class victims no longer see the real enemies, no longer understand the wrenches in the gears.  This lack of understanding requires the first remedy before we fall into a bulimia-induced cannibalism, a purging of our humanity itself.