“You are not Egyptians and Syrians, but Muslims. You are one community, one brotherhood. You are Ibrahimi and Mohammadi. Know yourself. You have not come here to lose your identity and get fitted into this monstrous machine, like a valueless part or to fill your bellies like the animals. No. Take the Message to the peoples of this land; wake them up; tell them how they have gone out of the right way.”

Furthermore, the Shaykh – in an address that Abul Hasan gave in England in 1982, transcribed by Sulaiman Kazi (Nadwi Foundation) – encouraged the Muslims in the West to eschew a personalised, isolated practise of the religion and, instead, called for them to exhibit their faith in the streets, markets and daily life; hence a living example of the faith’s purity would help draw non-Muslims towards embracing Islam. He warned that the living of an insular existence in the West provided dangers; and just as the Muslims in Spain were wiped out after great power and building of wonderful feats of architecture, the Muslims of the West could also find their presence compromised if they did not bring the faith to the non-Muslims. Thus he commanded the Muslims to prove the benefit of their presence, and to be noble and principled. Therefore he warned against the Muslims living in isolation, content with their detached lives, places of worship, acts of worship and religious institutions. In pursuit of these goals, he demanded that Muslims master the native language, and prepare orators and writers in such tongues, so that the faith could be effectively propagated. He warned the Muslims against being apathetic towards their non-Muslim fellows, but to treat them like family, and aid them in this life against the future misfortune awaiting in the next world for failing to heed the call to the Divine.

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