Based on the current state of humanity and our public institutions, we could easily project what future history books may contain:

“Allah left humanity to their ‘Amaal (actions).  Humanity destroyed themselves and their home on planet earth.”

Here’s a short list of why this could be projected:

  • America is deeply entrenched in wars that have their beginnings in the 1980’s, continue today, and are projected to continue indefinitely (
  • The US has spread the destructive and fallacious system of capitalist politics known as neoliberalism.  For 40 years, it has produced nothing but destruction, yet there is no political movement toward reversing it.  Rather, the neoliberals continue their plans for unlimited plunder and global dominance. (
  • Global economic production will cease meeting population growth by 2030.  FOOD RIOTS and civil strife have been predicted !
  • Oceans will be depleted of edible fish by 2048
  • No topsoil will remain on earth by 2070
  • There are currently 65 MILLION refugees and displaced humans roaming the earth, comprised mostly of Muslims and both Muslim and non-Muslim Africans.  The effective policies of the Global North have been to displace and destroy the peoples of the Global South.  This warfare is official policy of both the Neoconservatives among Republicans, and the “liberal interventionists” among Democrats. (
  • By 2025 there will be 25% unemployment in the US, and this will be PERMANENT !  This is equal to the unemployment rate at the height of The Great Depression.  (

So, while researched facts indicate the soon-to-be collapses of both the global economy and the global ecosystem, soon meaning “we are in the process of annihilating ourselves over the next few years”, policy-makers are certain to continue the same practices that have led us to this point.  There is nothing to indicate any moral response to the situation: basically, there is no hope for humanity without immediate, radical changes.

What Does Islam Teach ?

Muslims are NOT responding to the situation.  The reasons for this are many.

  1. Ignorance – many Muslims are not informed of the situation, or are not giving the situation focus and concern.
  2. Fatalism – many Muslims have surrendered to the idea that The Last Day implies what we’re currently seeing was meant to be.  This is fallacious.  Islam teaches that every Muslim is RESPONSIBLE for moral action until the last moment of human existence.      ” [He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in ACTION”     “Truly, humanity is in loss.  Except those who believe loyally, and commit morally righteous actions”
  3. Lack of organization and communication (social infrastructure).  5 million Muslims live in the US.  Yet, our communities lack communication forums.  How could the 300,000 Muslims in DFW ever be organized around an agenda?  It’s not possible without community-wide communications !
  4. Lack of focus – Most Muslims are just living daily life with no social or political agenda.  This is similar to a herd of sheep grazing the field every day, waiting for the farmer to slaughter the entire herd.  Discussions of Deen typically IGNORE very real dangers and issues.  Most discussions are about Islam basics, commentary on Qur’an and Hadith, “good manners”, and the minutiae of Law.  I doubt that 1% of Muslims have an education that would lend itself to intelligent thought on social, political, economic, environmental, and philosophical matters.  Meaning, practically NO Muslims are prepared to even have an intelligent discussion on REAL global issues or public policy.

So, the above list are the conditions in the Muslim community of what Islam does NOT teach.  Where in the Muslim community can one find what Islam DOES teach?  Here is an example of an appropriate response from Mufti Musa Furber:

Muftis and other Shari‘ah experts who influence practice and policy will need to take into account how their opinions affect future generations, particularly when responding to temporary exigencies. A succeeding generation will inherit the social ills of the previous generation; excusing current ills or preventing them from being rectified means that the problems will increase and eventually become accepted as norms.

This is taken from his thesis Obligations to Future Generations: a Shari’ah Perspective.  In it, he outlines the application of Islam’s Maqasid (Objectives) to the question of what do we owe to future generations so we can take action NOW?

Comparing Musa Furber’s response to the current state of Muslims living in the U.S., it’s apparent that our communities have institutionalized blindness and paralysis !  How else is it possible that American Muslims have no organized response to global dilemmas, no infrastructure to hold an intelligent discussion, a vast majority of Muslims waiting for the slaughter, while our communities are filled with talk on other matters ???  Let SOME Muslims rise to the Communal Obligation to be politically educated, and socially active in trying to prevent the impending disasters.

This article highlights the purpose of my web-site.  In my “community” of 300,000 Muslims, I can find no forum to discuss the elephants in the room – the utter lack of vision, objectives, research, and planning in my community.  Having been here in DFW since 1987, I can testify that our physical growth has not been met by an intellectual or institutional growth.  This indicates obvious systemic problems, and I find myself alone in researching and assessing my community.  Lack of progress is NOT a virtue.  It is a problem that will be hung around our necks Yawm ul-Qiyaama. Again, reflect on Musa Furber’s words:

excusing current ills or preventing them from being rectified means that the problems will increase and eventually become accepted as norms.

Throughout my website, you will find articles depicting CURRENT REALITY.  Other resources I share are from the world’s leading professors and thinkers, all revolving around REALITY – the real state that humanity is currently in.  Daily, I am dumbfounded by the contrast between those thoughtful, intelligent, organized human beings actually dealing with today’s systemic conditions, and the Muslim community, which seems lost in various bubbles of apathy.  NOT that I think other matters are irrelevant, but that the sum of our community’s efforts are not producing an intelligent response to real-world situations.  I hope you can sympathize with my concerned thinking about our community.  We will soon be facing Allah to be judged for our morals and our actions.  What burdens will we carry when a community of 300,000 cannot institutionalize a moral, intelligent response to the world Allah has placed us in?

Please Invite Me to Present These Matters at Your Masjid or Other Organization

My degree is in economics.  Alhamdulillah, I have additional studies in Islam, Western History, Political and Moral Philosophy, the Critiques and Analysis of Capitalism, as well as my studies in Arabic, French, and Latin.  My specialties are in social/political structures and philosophies, and how the mechanics of capitalism and its underlying ideals cause systemic social and political problems, including a demand for global destruction

If Allah’s Reward for saving a life is as though one has saved all of humanity, what will Allah’s Reward be for SAVING ALL OF HUMANITY ?  As renowned environmentalist Lester Brown has stated:

Saving Civilization Is Not a Spectator Sport ….


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