Universal Issues

  • Ending Capitalism – a system rooted in selfishness and inequity, it is at the root of most major problems we face, including ecological destruction, corruption, and war.  There are numerous options and opportunities for a realistic, humanitarian, and ecologically responsible economy.
  • Climate and Ecological Sustainability – this includes ending the fossil-fuel era.
  • The End of Empires – the nation-state system developed over the past 300 years is causing perpetual war, division, hate, and the potential for extreme nationalism/fascism.  This must include the dissolution of borders, ending national identities, ending racism, and the break-down of central power into localized democratic collectives.
  • Global De-Militarization – the globalization of capital has been perpetrated by military force.  While nations collapse under economic injustice, the capitalist empire increases militarization at all levels.  This includes nuclear and WMD build-up, massive high-tech armies, and the growing police-state throughout much of the world.
  • Restoring Free-Press and humanitarian, non-technical Education for all peoples.

Issues Specific to Muslims

  • Ending the global wars against Muslims and restoring non-Colonial governance of Muslim lands
  • Ending the cultural war against Muslims.  Both the Right and Left in Western lands wage a propaganda assault on Muslim values and norms.  Imposition of self-superiority/orientalism must end.
  • Developing the economies in Muslim lands.  Without ending desperation, stability and peace can never be achieved.
  • In Western lands
    • Ending the various propaganda regimes and replacing them with factual dialogue and policies that enforce tolerance
    • The development of Islamic tribunals, local and regional representation of Muslim interests, and a solid, influential voice for Muslims in domestic and distant policy

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