Without enacting the obligations and true character of fraternity that Islam teaches, the individual Muslim will be making little progress in their character, which is the objective of Deen.  The Prophet said “I was sent to teach you good character.”  Additionally, our communities will continue to fail to address real human needs among us, and our Ummah will be divided until our eventual annihilation.

Imam al-Ghazali explores the meaning and significance of fraternity in Islam in this brilliant essay from his seminal work,The Revival of the Religious Sciences, which covers material assistance, personal aid, holding one’s tongue, speaking out, forgiveness, loyalty, sincerity, and informality.

The First Duty: Material Assistance
The Second Duty: Personal Aid
The Third Duty: Holding One’s Tongue
The Fourth Duty: Speaking Out
The Fifth Duty: Forgiveness
The Sixth Duty: Prayer
The Seventh Duty: Loyalty and Sincerity
The Eighth Duty: Informality

Imam al-Ghazali (1058-1111 CE) of Tus in Iran was one of the greatest scholars in the history of Islamic thought. He made outstanding contributions in logic, philosophy, jurisprudence, legal theory, and mysticism.

n immensely important portion of Imam al-Ghazali’s ‘Ihya, this work discusses, at the micro-level, what is needed to instill in each of us the sense of brotherhood that is a necessary fabric for Muslims to be effective as a nation. The eight duties each Muslim has to perform towards the other are each discussed in detail.

Human beings today are lonely as we have never been before. We live in a crowded world, but many of us feel very, very alone. Unless human bonds are again infused with affection and warmth of love and brotherhood, we will never be able to taste the rich joys and pleasures of living together.
One of the greatest blessings of Islam is its admirable success in creating strong, warm, rich and durable bonds of love and brotherhood between human beings based on faith in One God and encouraging us to practice certain effective habits which will sustain and strengthen mutual brotherhood.
The Duties of Brotherhood In Islam is a translation into English of part of Ihya Ulum uddin, one of the solid works of Islamic scholarship by the great scholar Imam Al-Ghazali.
This book presents those very norms and values of conduct which make brotherhood in Islam so enduring. The book will be equally welcomed by both Muslims and non-Muslims, both of whom are living in an increasingly cold and isolated world.
This is a necessary topic for Muslims of all ages. The Duties of Brotherhood is a book that every individual, family and society must read, discuss and implement together.

AL- Ghazali shows how brotherhood can be an aid to spiritual Purification and a source of help and comfort in this World. Living in the Western Influenced World, it is very Important that we don’t loose track of the The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam. This is a Useful well translated little Book. The Quality of Print as well as the translation is far superior than the complete Volume above.

Source: The Duties of Brotherhood in Islam – Ghazzālī – Google Books