• : not large or important

  • : not strong or solid, lacking substance

  • : not real : not made of a real substance,  lacking firmness or solidity

“While Allah has created you and what you make!”  – Qu’an (37:96)

“Surely man is indeed in (sheer) loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds”

The word (‘amal) in Arabic indicates substantial work, as in human labor that produces a gainful result.  It is the very basis of Deen:  Deen meaning the life of working to serve Allah via productive effort to establish all those actions and institutions that Islam dictates.

At the most essential level, ‘amal as-salihaat means to work that which is good, correct, proper, appropriate, and rectifying.  Among the most basic principles of Islamic Law is the mandate to rectify whatever is harmful or broken in society.  This means the establishment or rectification of institutions that meet our communal obligations and make a properly functioning community.  Doing so is Fard al-kifayah, meaning it is an obligation upon all members of the community until it is established properly.

Islam teaches that it is deeds which are measured on the Day of Judgment.  Awards and punishments will be decided according to what we do, and what we fail to do.  The use of a scale throughout the Qur’an provides us a visual, that action and inaction actually have weight and substance that will be measured.  Allah tells us further:

“And whoever works an atom’s weight of good will see it.  And whoever works an atoms weight of ill shall see it.”

The required actions of being a real Muslim are substantial.  When they are performed, we will see a community of success, not the failed state we see now.

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We Will See the Weight of Our Failures and Inaction

Each one of us will soon stand in front of Allah for judgment.  We will be handed a book that records our lives’ actions and inaction.  Our communal failures, the long list of Kifaya obligations we did not establish, will also be in the book.  This is agreed upon by all scholars.  Included in the weight demanding our punishment, we may find:

  • The total lack of substantial solutions for Islam’s Converts
  • The neglect of Muslims who are struggling to live without family
  • The neglect of hundreds of homeless Muslims living in our communities
  • The absence of qualified counselors
  • The widespread laziness and inaction by 99% of Muslims around us
  • The lack of substantial political action while we see human civilization crumbling
  • The lack of community infrastructure, like communications, research organizations, organized effort to account for the community and recommend policy changes
  • The lack of community vision, mission, purpose.

In short, while the vast majority of us live as if we have nothing important to do, we are building a mountain of failures that will drag us to hellfire in the next life.