Catastrophic events are not isolated incidents: they are part of a series of events that eventually lead to catastrophe.  We can’t afford to watch daily events, waiting for some future signal to begin taking action.

In our categorized, serial thinking, the rise of Hitler and WW2 are mere snapshots: they arrived, occurred, and passed.  Now, we can mention those events in single words or sentences.

An estimated 60 Million people died during World War II, and much of Europe, Japan, and Africa were destroyed.  What was built is the industry of mechanical, atomic warfare – weapons of mass destruction that have now been spread globally.  Those simple facts indicate volumes of story-telling, much to explain about thousands of minor events and decisions that have culminated in massive destructive capacity.

The rise of Nazism itself was a series of daily events that took decades.  And many were the opportunities and signals for people to take action to avert the coming cataclysm.  Hitler and the National Socialists began their propaganda and organizing shortly after WW1.  Economic conditions and political sentiments had led to widespread discontent, which was ignored.  From that point on, each coming event and each passing day saw the growth of the Nazi movement.  While no one responded.  The discontent and daily events were left unaddressed by people who would later be either dead or tremendously sorry for their inaction.

EVERYONE must take action on today’s daily disasters in order to avert a future cataclysm:

  • Climate
  • Political corruption
  • Economic warfare against everyday people
  • The growing discontent leading to the spread of neo-fascism