[from the editor:  I love the idea of FAMILY reading night, not just for kids.  Adult literacy doesn’t end with high-school or college:  it BEGINS there.]

1. Book-Themed Party

Host a Family Reading Night with books on a specific topic like bullying, Thanksgiving, or even goal-setting. Over the course of the evening, allow your children to read excerpts from the books or to briefly share their thoughts on what they’ve read.

2. Character Party

Invite your children to dress up as their favorite literary character. Have them write a paragraph or two explaining why they love this character.

3. Mystery Night

Have your children select and read books about solving mysteries. As an added activity, have your children decode secret messages and provide them with clues to help them solve a mystery of their own.

4. Build a Book

Start by providing your children with pictures or illustrations and ask them to write a story to accompany the images. As an alternative, have your children read a short story and ask them to draw a few illustrations to accompany the text. Then provide your children with materials for them to create a book.

5. Reading Club

Establish your very own reading night. Provide your children with snacks and juice and a couple of books that your children are interested in reading. Then set aside 30-90 minutes, depending on your children’s ages, to dedicate to reading. Be sure to ask your children how much they enjoyed the book, their favorite parts, or to give a brief book review.

6. Opening Lines

Write down the first lines of your children’s favorite books on notecards and have your children guess the name of each book. As a reward for correct answers, invite your children to read the stories to the family.

7. Puppet Show

Help your children create puppet characters out of small paper bags, old socks, or felt. Have your children act out their favorite stories using their new creations.

8. Campfire Stories

Set up tents, chairs, and sleeping bags in your backyard, or in your living room, and invite your children to take turns reading campfire stories. Be sure to supply your children with their favorite camping snacks like trail mix and s’mores.

9. Story-Tellers

Invite your children to explain or re-enact their favorite stories using props, music, and illustrations.

10. Around the World

Have your children read stories about various cities and places all around the world. To create a truly global experience, try preparing food and snacks from those specific regions for your children to try.

What are other activities your family can do on a Family Reading Night?

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