Becker is the Western Regional Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). ANSWER has organized mass protests of hundreds of thousands of people against the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine from mid-2002 to the present. He is a regular contributor to Liberation newspaper and

Richard Becker has been touring the US to promote his most recent book: “Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire.” A few weeks ago I heard him on Alternative Radio. It was an eye-opening comprehensive breakdown of the history of the Middle East, Imperial Colonialism, Zionism, and the creation of Israel all the way up to the present with the role Israel plays as a U.S. client state and services rendered as protector of U.S. corporate interests in the region. –Exactly what is missing from the vernacular in the U.S. I high-tailed it down to the ANSWER Coalition basement to meet him, videotape his presentation and ask him a few questions.

Richard Becker is a noted writer and commentator on Middle East affairs. He has been a featured speaker at political forums and conferences in the United States and across the world. Becker has visited the Middle East on numerous occasions. He led fact-finding delegations to Palestine in 2000 and 2002, delivering medicine to Palestinian hospitals. Becker helped produce the video Palestine Fights for Freedom (2002) based on his experiences.

In January 2000, Becker was co-leader of the Iraq Sanctions Challenge, which delivered $2 million of medicine to Iraq. He first traveled to Iraq in 1994 with a fact-finding delegation headed by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Becker co-authored the book: “The Children Are Dying” (1996) about the effects of sanctions on the Iraqi people. He contributed to the anthology Challenge to Genocide: Let Iraq Live (1999). Becker co-produced the award-winning video Genocide by Sanctions (1998). Most recently, in December 2005, he participated in an international conference in Syria about Palestinian refugees and the right of return.