1. (slide)  Recapping my last presentation on Trump: daily, the news just gets worse.  He has brought a secretive group, 40 years old, of extremely wealthy right-wing extremists into the White House.  It is called the Council for National Policy.  They are leftovers from the John Birch Society, the Moral Majority, the Heritage Foundation, etc.  They are extremely powerful, extremely destructive. So, get ready for 4 years of hell.  The Republicans will do whatever they want, and the Democrats will mostly cooperative.
  2. (slide: Islam Forward)  We can’t sit and wish for Trump and his goons to go away.  They won’t. Muslims must be active, organized, and committed, not only to self-preservation, but to asserting Islam’s morality into our surroundings.  If we understand Islam, we should find ourselves natural allies with Western movements who are active on the issues of racial and economic justice, rebuilding democracy, rebuilding our public institutions, and preserving the planet Allah gave us, which is what I’ll be discussing tonight.
  3. (slide)  24 Hours of Reality is a global event. Right now, we are doing what is being done in hundreds or thousands of other locations around the globe.
  4. (slide)  Throughout the Qur’an, Allah describes the ultimate success of human beings as “Forgiveness from Allah, and Gardens under which Rivers flow”.  Allah also says “And We made from water everything that lives.”  Both temporal and eternal life are connected to water and the resources Allah creates.
  5. Allah has connected giving Muslims authority on earth with responsible stewardship.
  6. (slide)  Islam is Deen, not a religion.  It is about the Beliefs, Actions, and Institutions of civilized human beings.  Islam requires us to be active participants in upholding human civilization, wherever and however it is threatened.  Today, our threats are many. But among the most serious is the real and existential threat of climate destruction.
  7. The Islam Forward project is about Muslims getting involved in the common struggles of humanity.  All concerns are related: the concerns of Muslim civil-rights here, or of the wars waged in Muslim lands, economic justice, racial justice, climate justice.  There is broad intersection between all of these issues.  One cannot be achieved without the other. Most activist organizations are united on this concept.

Obligations to Future Generations: A Shari‘ah Perspective – Mufti Musa Furber – Tabah Foundation


An active map of oil/pipeline incidents. Red dots indicate fatalities.


(slide)  Scientists have confirmed the coral bleaching event that struck the Great Barrier Reef earlier this year led to the worst coral die-off on record.


(4slides) floods in Kashmir, snow in Saudi, drought in Syria, displacement and strife in Africa.

  1.  (slide) Germany has already announced: ZERO gas-powered automobiles by 2030, and a high-speed train that emits ONLY STEAM !

  2. (slide) Offshore windmill farm in Denmark: more on this in a later slide

  3. (slide)  While the US is still building pipelines, invading Sacred Lands of the Native Americans, and assaulting people in the process !!!

  4. (4 slides)  Denial Networks, politicians vs science, ALEC(Scott Walker and Rick Perry. (explain ALEC)

  5. (slides) Trump and “Chinese hoax”, Trump to back out of Paris Agreement, Trump insiders from the Council for National Policy

  6. (slide) – Denmark generated 140% of electricity needs using Wind Power
  7. Final Slide: the purpose of Islam Forward

    1. To provide the DFW Muslim community with:
      • Relevant, significant news
      • Educational resources for adults and youth
      • A communications forum for the DFW community
      • A focal point for building activist groups and connecting with existing movements
    2. We need financial support.  Building this project has been full-time work for the last 7 months, and will require full-time administration and staff.
Video from Rolling Stone including Bernie Sanders:

High-carbon infrastructures lock planet into irreversible greenhouse gas emissions, says campaign group


Infographic: What Climate Change Means for Africa and Asia

Watch: Before the Flood | DiCaprio/NatGeo

Source: 24 Hours 2016 | 24hoursofrealityORG