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Photograph by Brina Bunt

The blue saturation in The Crystal Cave in Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland, is dynamic and changes constantly. The intensity is partly dependent on inclement weather followed by exposure to the sun, as well as many other factors. The temperature within the cave is quite mild and the ice itself feels like silk; surprisingly, it is not very cold to the touch. Exploring these caves provides an the experience that is ethereal in the firmament and leads to a wonder of nature that cannot be ignored.

Photograph by Bruno Moraes

Marcio Cardoso balancing on the slackline 200m above the beautiful landscape of Rio De Janeiro.

Photograph by Bruno Moraes

Silvia Misk on the route “Amor e Sexo” graduated 7b+ / Serra do Cipó Brazil

Photograph by Toby Harriman

The Vestrahorn Views, Iceland Selfie

Photograph by Christoph Jorda

I was exploring the wild and remote caukasus mountain range of Georgia together with a group of pro ski freerider. Here you see the three friends hiking up a lonely mountain at sunset to get a untracked run down to the valley.

Photograph by Gregor Thelen

Lake in Wintersee, Germany: On a cold December morning, the fog just starting to lift and the sun rising, painting the sky beautifully.

Photograph by Gregor Thelen

Grossarl Valley, Salzburg, Germany: In the last evening sun rays a lone paraglider makes their decent to the valley floor.

Photograph by Khrystyna Pochynok

September 2014 Mount Vuhatui Kamin’ , Chornogora range, Ukraine

Photograph by Chris Miller

Hang Son Doong in Vietnam is the world’s biggest cave, and arguably also the most spectacular. This scene shows one of my travel companions looking into a small rock pool, perhaps for one of the several recently discovered species that are unique to this cave. In the background is one of the cave’s two huge dolines, shrouded in a constantly evolving layer of mist that forms due to the temperature and humidity differential between the cool cave interior and the hot jungle some 200 meters above.

Photograph by Chris Schmid

Skógafoss is a waterfall situated on the Skógá River in the south of Iceland at the cliffs of the former coastline.

Photograph by Damon Beckford

Exploring and photographing caves in Lofoten, Norway. We spent the night here photographing the northern lights and seascapes with beautiful mountains as a fantastic backdrop. When the night turned into morning we had a brief sleep in the cave, next to this one. This night was incredible! This was a real adventure!

Photograph by Tomáš Havel

Sunset over Senja Island, Norway.

Photograph by Matt & Agnes Hage

Woman backpacker hikes through a ‘goblin’ beech forest lush with moss on the Southern Traverse in the Tararua Peaks north of Wellington, New Zealand January 2012. The 46-kilometer route follows the spine of the rugged peaks from Mount Hector to Mount Crawford.

Photograph by Filippo Taddei

Fall colors at night in the Italian Alps.

Photograph by Guy Havell

Extraordinary colour and light illuminates the incredible Breiðamerkurjökull Ice Cave underneath the Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland. Covering around 8 percent of the country, Vatnajökull is the largest ice cap by volume in Europe covering around 8300 sq kilometres and is 1000m thick in places. Several volcanos lie underneath the glacier including the recently active Bardabunga and Grimsvotn. Every year new caves develop as old ones disappear as the glacier retreats another 150 metres or so.

Photograph by Christoph Jorda

Slackline/Highline walker in a remote area of the bavarian alps.

Photograph by leo dean jansen

Shot on our trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Arrow glacier camp is at 16000 feet elevation

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