Assalaamu ‘alaikum:

I was so happy to meet the wonderful community there in Scottsdale.  I hope the discussion was beneficial, though I need more time to cover the details.  We may need to schedule a weekend visit, insha Allah.  These are some of the books and articles I had mentioned.

Mufti Musa Furber’s thesis on how to determine obligations and priorities based on Fiqh principles

Obligations to Future Generations: A Shari‘ah Perspective – Mufti Musa Furber – Tabah Foundation

Professor Karl Polanyi’s history of industrial capitalism, its detrimental effects on society, and its lead to fascism

The Great Transformation – Polanyi’s Critical History of Industrial Society

My own brief reminder about the dire circumstance of human civilization, and a call to action

A Jihad to Save Humanity – Confronting our Failed Institutions

Several articles offering warnings about US media:

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