Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

My Mother is undergoing treatment for leukemia with a low chance of survival.  My Father is elderly and suffers treatment for prostate cancer and dementia.  Both are living in Oklahoma.  Meanwhile, my daughters are here in Texas alone, attending college.  For several months, I will need to be back and forth, and somehow manage to pay bills.  This situation comes at a horrible time.  My life has already been destroyed because I’ve lived without human society since 1987 when I became a Muslim.  I’m a caucasian American Convert male:  the rarest bird on the planet.  I have no society and no community.  Therefore, I had no life throughout the 30 years after becoming a Muslim.

In 2012, I began working on projects to raise awareness of the Convert situation, and to address the many needs of Converts.  5 years later, no progress has been made. This is due to the various forms of dysfunction in the community, which I have also assessed and developed programs to address.

The situation with NTIC is a prime example.  This is a group of well-intending people who have been meeting for 10 years, yet have not developed a vision for what their actual function should be.  DFW is without leadership, communications, or any planning/coordinating body, though Muslims have been building masajid here for 40 years.

My Proposal: How to Kill Many Birds with One Stone

In the coming months, I will be dependent on the Muslim community for financial support.  However, rather than taking charity, I’m proposing that I be hired, either by a single masjid, or by funds from several masajid.  I’ve been working with Imam Zia, Omar Suleiman, and others on this need.

All of the projects I’ve developed are critical to the future of Islam in America.  Our communities are currently failing on many fronts, and I’ve developed programs for many of those.  The short list of my projects and areas of expertise:

  1. The Medina Network – the most comprehensive Convert support program in the world.
  2. The Islam Forward project – a package of solutions aimed at
    1. Providing the Muslim community with credible news on real issues
    2. Organizing activists within the community
    3. Educating on the intersections between Shari’a, modern economics, history and political philosophy, domestic and foreign policy, environmental destruction, and the various social and political movements in the US and Europe.
    4. Preparing young Muslims to be influential and intelligent in matters of public policy
    5. Developing a policy-studies institute here in DFW
  3. The Diwan – a central community research organization to develop policies, priorities, and best-practices throughout DFW

What is needed is a commitment to some simple truths:

  1. Islam can only be established in the West when Converts are empowered.  This requires a reversal from the current trend in which our community loses 90% of Converts.
  2. Islam can only be established when qualified and visionary people are provided the wherewithal to help the community develop.  Volunteerism in the community has successes and failures. One of the failures is the community’s inability to draw and retain talent.  Community development requires expertise, and that hasn’t been met by imams and volunteer efforts over the last 40 years.
  3. The situation is dire. Human civilization is threatened with total collapse and destruction.  Muslims must step-up and be a part of meeting the challenges.  So far, our community has done little.  That’s why so many Muslim intellectuals and activists work OUTSIDE the masajid.  The masajid have been kept at a remedial level for decades, due to various issues which must be addressed.

My financial needs are about $3,500/month to cover basic expenses.  Again, I will either be dependent on charity for several months, or can receive a salary to work with the masajid on developing my community programs.  Please let me know how your masjid or organization can help.  Jazakum Allahu Khair.  Mustafa Howard.

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