• DFW Muslim community:  approximately 200,000 people. No census.
  • 60 masajid. No actual count.
  • $200 Million spent building/buying masajid
  • $1.5 million/month on overhead
  • The masajid only reach 10% of the community(weekly participation other than Jumu’a)
  • A TV station could operate for $1 Million per year
  • It could reach the other 90% of the community
  • It could reach unlimited non-Muslims
  • It could generate $1 Million per month in fund-raising
  • Meanwhile, there is an array of media organizations and well-funded individuals propagating against Islam, or for the annihilation of Muslims.
  • The community lacks
    • qualified youth directors
    • qualified directors for Convert programs
    • meaningful support for Converts
    • qualified counselors
    • a Diwan to study the community and make recommendations for improvement
    • a public-policy research center

This is another way of determining that the community is upside-down, lacking intelligent decision-making.


The Muslim Community Doesn’t Know What’s Going-on with Itself: Here’s Why

The Failed State of the DFW Muslim Community