Over decades, Allah has sent the means for subjugating and even destroying the Muslim World.  In the famous hadith of al-Wahn, Rasulullah described this situation, in which the nations of the earth would be gathered to destroy the Muslims, at a time in which the Muslims will be MANY, but “you will be LIKE SCUM” [غُثَاءٌ].  I provide the link to the famous hadith here>>>  sunnah.com/abudawud/39/7  I wrote an article demonstrating how Allah has brought destruction and disgrace on 26 Muslim countries, most of which has occurred during the last 30 years, in which I have been a Muslim and examining our conditions.

If the conditions of Muslims living in the U.S. is no different from that of Muslims living in the disgraced and destroyed Muslim World, why would the results from Allah be any different?  Why would Allah NOT bring the means of our destruction HERE?  Well, it seems that Allah is bringing the means for our disgracet and destruction.  It is not just the genocidal objectives of Trump.  The US has been destroyingy the Muslim World for 80 years.  The right-wing attitude toward Islam and Muslims is spreading and being implemented in policies throughout the US, and Europe is demonstrably ahead of the US in the rise of fascism.

Do Muslims dream of presenting the US Constitution to Allah as a reason to avoid being punished, while we have utterly failed to establish Islam’s Objectives, while NOTHING has stopped us???  Muslims have wealth, as can be demonstrated by the houses and furniture in our community.  Muslims have as much time and freedom as anyone.

Nothing in the U.S. would inhibit Muslims from enacting Islam.  Yet, Islam has not been enacted.  This is a result of the deliberate choices made by Muslims every day.  There is no government or social institution to blame for the long list of failures of Muslims living here.

Muslims are not living here FOR ISLAM.  Nor did Muslims come to the West FOR ISLAM.  Muslims have chosen to occupy the entirety of their lives with domestic life, ignoring the entirety of basic Obligations in Shari’a.  The small percentage who even pay any attention to Islam are only seeking to FEEL GOOD about themselves, and are not allowing Islam or serious thought to provide any criteria of judging their eventual success or failure in the Hereafter.

Over 4 years, I have presented both the PROBLEMS and the SOLUTIONS. What I have found is that our community led by people who are disinterested, inept, and obstructive.  We will face the Judgment of Allah, not the mis-judgment of how we feel about ourselves.  Islam has Purpose and Objectives, and Muslims have failed utterly at those.  I ask for Allah’s Reward, and to be saved from His Curse and Wrath [لعنة and غضب] that will befall those who obstruct Islam’s establishment and growth.

What does Allah’s Book tell us?  If we are willing to pay attention:

Say: “Shall we tell you of those who lose most in respect of their deeds?

Those whose effort is lost in worldly life, while they think that they are doing good by their accomplishment.”

Throughout several articles over several months, I have clarified the true state of “Islam in America”.  They are not based on how any one FEELS about “Islam in America”.  They are based on real observation and assessment of several critical requirements needed to ever consider “Islam in America” a success.  Here’s a short list, followed by the articles containing details.  My writings will be my witness in front of Allah.

  • Muslims live in a bubble in which we IMAGINE or FEEL that we are doing good.  It is pure imagination that prevails because we have instituted no methods of critical assessment.
  • I have presented Imams, masjid committee members, and community “leaders” with a program to remedy our ignorance about our own “community”.  My pleas have been utterly ignored over months of effort.
  • There is no council for leadership or vision/policy development.  4 months ago, I attended a meeting with 85 such “leaders”.  Although I’ve presented them with the solutions, they’ve done absolutely NOTHING in 4 months.  In fact, they’ve been meeting for 10 years, AND ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING !
  • The “Muslim community” loses 90% of the Converts to Islam.  I have presented this problem for 4 YEARS, and developed The Medina Network 3 years ago to solve this problem.  I have been shut-out by masjid Imams, boards, and committee members
  • Muslims have failed to develop intellectually to a point in which we meet the demands of our time.  I developed the Islam Forward program as a solution for this.  This program is HUGE, and directly solves many intellectual, social, and political problems that Muslims face.  Yet, there is no support from “community leaders” yet.

How could we ever dream our “Islam in America” is a success?  Only when we are deluded, clueless, and thoughtless about our true state.  What was brought to America was the same failed “Islam” that brought Allah’s destruction on the Muslim World.  If it isn’t radically replaced throughout our institutions and practices, we’re just waiting for Allah’s destruction to arrive.


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