Islam’s Converts are the most dependent on functional masajid. Yet, the masajid disserve Converts the MOST

If you are a Muslim from the Middle-East or the Sub-Continent, you could live your entire life without the masjid.  The masjid is a mere accessory in your life. Outside the masjid, you have a COMMUNITY of your nation’s people.  Your life needs – income, marriage, friendship, etc. – can be met with or without the masjid.  This is not the case of Converts.  Converts do not have Muslim families. We lost our friends when we became Muslims. We are largely dislodged from the people of our own nation.  We have no society through which we can meet the needs of our lives.

Yet, after 40 years, no masjid in DFW functions to meet the needs of Islam’s Converts.

In 2013, I started a Facebook group for Muslim Converts.  Over 18 months, I personally read thousands of posts, comments, and discussions.  What I derived from my observations is a list of very serious problems Converts have faced, and are still facing.  Based on this list, I developed the concepts of the Medina Network – a distributed package of solutions that Converts need.  The idea was that each masjid ( in DFW, there are over 60 masajid.  In Houston, there are over 100.) each masjid would contribute a monthly fee to hire qualified and experienced directors for education, counseling, gatherings, marriage services, etc.  In the last 3 years, I have been unable to present the project in ANY masjid in DFW.  We were deliberately blocked by members of the “Da’wah Committee” at Islamic Center of Irving, relegated to a sub-committee at IANT in Richardson, ignored by Imams and committee members in Plano and Arlington, etc.  Basically, the bureaucratic setup of Masajid only created hurdles.  The Need for the project was never elevated to the CRITICAL status it demands.

Here’s a basic introduction to The Medina Network project in a PDF >>

The Medina Network – The Cause Behind the Medina Network



A brief presentation (2 hours) I made at MAS in Richardson.  The video editing cut most of the discussion and we had no one to edit a complete video.

Mustafa Howard: Convert Rights and Support in Islamic Law – Presentation at MAS